CII officially issues the convertible bonds for Rhinos Asset Mananagement and receives US$40 million

January 5, 2017

Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment JSC. (CII) is pleased to announce that:

One month after the signing of the US$40 million Bond Subscription Agreement dated 24 November 2016 between CII and KEB HANA BANKTRUSTEE AND CUSTODIAN BUSINESS (the representative bank of Rhinos Asset Management (“RAM”)), the Company has satisfied all conditions precedent of the BSA. As of today (05 January 2017), CII officially issues the convertible bonds for RAM and receives US$40 million.

Successful issuance of such convertible bonds, as an indication of confidence in CII’s reputation from both local and foreign investors, opens up more opportunities for CII to raise capital from international markets. At the same time, the bond has low coupon rate (1%/year on the USD), which will help the company save tremendous amount of borrowing interest upon investing in its BT Thu Thiem Infrastructure project.

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