March 29, 2016

On 29/03/2016, CII has received questions from shareholders through Facebook regarding the company’s recent purchase of treasury shares. CII would like to answer these questions as follow:

1.Based on what grounds does CII decide on the purchasing price of 25.300 dong / share

This decision to buy treasury shares at prices not exceeding 25.300 dong / share is based on CII’s internal valuation and opinions from security firms

After CII has re-evaluated the investments made by CII Holdings, based on market pricing, combined with the agreements signed with MPTC, CII has decided that the book value of CII shares are 26.385 dong / share (please refer to the full announcement document for details of the calculation).

*Note: the valuation of CII Holdings’ investments are calculated by CII itself. Shareholders and investors should take this into serious consideration. CII is not responsible for any inaccuracies or discrepancies between realistic valuation and the valuation that CII presented above.

Besides, according to CII’s knowledge, currently, Vietnam’s top 6 largest security firms have published reports on CII’s activities. All reports highly recommend CII and evaluate CII at the minimum target price of 27.200 dong / share (some firms have announced higher target prices)

Thus, based on CII’s internal valuation of 26.385 dong / share and opinions from security firms at minimum target price of 27.200dong / share, CII has decided on the maximum price for treasury shares purchase is 25.300 dong / share (equivalent to 7% decrease compared to security firms’ minimum target prices).

2. How does CII plan to buy treasury shares? Does the company plan to buy on the stock market or through private agreement with Goldman Sachs?

CII does not have any obligations to buy treasure shares from Goldman Sachs (GS). Thus, CII does not have any relationships with GS with regards to its purchase of treasury shares.

Per transaction method: all treasure shares will be purchased on HOSE. CII will not purchase shares through private agreements because the company hopes to ensure fairness to all shareholders.

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