CII was elected in to Forbes 50 list for 2 consecutive years

May 31, 2016

On 30/05/2016, Forbes Vietnam announced the list of 50 best listed companies (Vietnam Forbes 50). This is the fourth time Forbes Vietnam announced this list in Vietnam and this is also the second consecutive time that CII was elected into the list.

Forbes 50 selects the companies with best business results, comprising of both large corporates and SMEs in 13 industries (including multi-industry companies)

Forbes evaluates all listed companies, categorized according to sectors. Companies that are suffering from losses, delisted, or are too small (chartered capital under 300 billion dong and revenue under 150 billion dong…) are all not qualified for the preliminary list. During the next step, the companies are ranked based on the following criteria: revenue growth rate, profit, ROE, ROC, and EPS growth from 2011-2015. Then Forbes Vietnam independently researches these companies’ sustainable growth potential: brand, corporate governance quality, historical sources of profits, and prospects. Member companies whose business operations depend on their parent companies (which are already included in the list), or companies that violated information disclosure requirements by HOSE for multiple times… are all excluded.

Forbes’ evaluation process received support from Viet Capital Securities. In 2015, CII has achieved very positive business results. Consolidated revenue reached 1.750 billion dong; consolidated profit after tax reached 791,6 billion dong; and parent company’s profit after tax reached 624.6 billion dong. Undistributed profit after tax was 809 billion dong.

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