March 15, 2016

In the morning of 14/03/2016, CII has sucessfully organized the panel discussion with shareholders and investors with the topic: “Solid foundation, solid growth”

At the panel discussion, CEO Le Quoc Binh shared information regarding the Company’s business results, growth strategy, and introduced a new financial product called “bonds with guaranteed liquidity”.

Beside that, Mr. Le Quoc Binh also responded to questions from shareholders and investors on the following “hot” issues:
1.  CII’s growth strategy in Thu Thiem project. Since the supply of new real estate at Thu Thiem is very high, is it safe to borrow to invest and hold the land bank there? What are the criteria for the Company to invest in new projects, for example, what is the Company’s required IRR?

  1. What is the Company’s 2016-2017 plan? What are the basis for Mr. Binh to confirm that they Company is over 70% sure about the possibility to fulfill this plan. How many % of the planned profits will comes from financial profits? How many % of the planned profits will comes from core businesses activities?
  2. What is the story behind the company “Tan Tam Ma”?
  3. In the end of 2015, the General Shareholders Meeting has allowed CII to buy 50 million treasury shares – CII has up to now purchased 9 million shares. Thus, will the Company continue to buy treasure shares in 2016? Will CII resell or share with NBB 10 million treasury shares?
  4. The new financial product “bonds with guaranteed liquidity”: What are the goals and expected issuance date? Can small investors buy these bonds? Can investors buy these bonds on the exchange market?
  5. What is the progress with the plan to extend foreign ownership limit?
  6. In order to grow 20-25% in upcoming years, beside bonds with guaranteed liquidity, will CII issue additional shares?
  7. When does CII plan to pay dividends?
  8. How can investors support CII? What are the roles of investors?
  9. In the water sector, SII contributes 50% capital in some investments. Does SII plan to incraese ownership ratio in these investments so as to hold controlling power? What is the role of Manila Water?
  10. The water sector’s business results have improved significantly from 2018, whereas profit margins increased from 14.5% (2016-2017) to over 20% in 2018. Is that a result of a especially profitable project? If yes, what is that project?
  11. CII B&R’s revenue and profits are expected to double in 2018 – is that a result of Rach Mieu 2 project and Ha Noi Highway project?
  12. Regarding CII Land, will the Company establish a new company from scratch or through M&A?
  13. Will CII continue to sell NBB shares at 27,200 dong/share?
  14. Why does CII plan to hold only 51% of CII Land?

CII would ike to send shareholders and invstors summary of the Q&A session at the panel dsicussion. Hopefully, the information will be useful.

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