Dragon Capital bought 6.541 convertible bonds CII41401

June 10, 2016

On 07/06/2016, DC Developing Markets Strategies public Limited Company by Dragon Capital reported the successful purchase of 6.541 convertible bonds CII (CII41401).10

DC did not successfully buy 400.000 CII shares per its registration on the stock market due to pricing mismatch. Thus DC only bought 6.541 CII convertible bonds (CII41401) through private negotiation from 10/05/2016 to 08/06/2016.

The exercise rights to purchase or convert convertible bonds into shares for the CII 41401 bonds that DC bought are as follow: 1 bond can be converted into 90.0 shares. Thus, the number of shares that DC will hold after successful conversion of CII convertible bonds will be 594,576 CII shares.

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